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Local journalism start-up Peterborough Currents is expanding in 2020 to offer more local journalism across more platforms. We're filling a gap in the local media landscape by bringing you in-depth journalism with deep community roots.

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The Peterborough Currents team

Peterborough Currents is led by local journalists Ayesha Barmania and Will Pearson. 

With journalism experience in regional and national media, we are building Peterborough Currents capacity to dig deep to help you understand this city — and your place in it. 

What we're hearing from the community

As we plan our relaunch, we’re hearing lots of encouraging tips from the community. Here's what you want from us:

Deep dives

"We need more dedicated local news and in-depth reporting."

“More long form, deep dive pieces.” 

More voices

"Mainstream media rarely reflects the communities I'm in." 

More voices, particularly those of people who are outside of positions of power.” 

A real need

“A huge gap needing to be filled. Opportunity!” 

"I think you do great work and would love to see more people engaged in local news."